Willard's Guide to Computing for Forgetful Power Users

The Death Panel


The Death Panel is a hackable custom control panel that was created for CSH's Imagine RIT 2020 project. Our project was a minigame suite with a twist, and for the panel (which ) The idea is that this panel will act as an "admin panel" for a given minigame that is currently being played. When you push a button, anything can happen!

Concept CAD #1 of The DeathPanel™

The project consists of a few different parts: Firstly, there's the games, which were intended to be couch-based multiplayer-style. Then, there's the physical panel. This panel will have a bunch of various controls designed simply to cause chaos in the game and attract onlookers from the floor of Gordon Field House, where our booth would be located. The final component is all of the software that ran on the controller, which was a Raspberry Pi with a bunch of I2C controllers wired into it. There was a lot of communication happening all the time between the PC, the buttons, and the controller's display, and it was all written in Rust and C#.

Prototype of the softwareworking.

You can find the source code, parts list, and assembly instructions on GitHub.