Willard's Guide to Computing for Forgetful Power Users



BetterVent is a scheduling app I am developing for Computer Science House. We have tablets outside our special rooms that run this software. It displays the current time, which event is currently taking place, and which events are coming up. It also lets people make short, quick reservations for if they need to snag a room for a bit. Check on its progress and fork me here.

bettervent on display in front of thelounge.

Bettervent is open source, and you can find my repo on GitHub. You can also look at Reservator that I tried to fork from, but that app ended up being an overengineered undocumented nightmare, so I tossed everything out and started writing my own from scratch.

Lately i've gotten busy making quality-of-life improvements to the UI and catching new and exciting bugs, but also adding the additional small feature here and there. At this point, I'd call BetterVent complete. Check out the README for more information.