Willard's Guide to Computing for Forgetful Power Users

About Me

Hi, I’m Willard (they/them)

Computer Engineer, Linux fanatic, OpenShift goblin, and Shiny Object Enthusiast.

I write a lot of code, stare at Datadog, swear at the command line, and put circuits on boards. I work on all kinds of stuff, a lot of whatever piques my interest at a given time. My current obsession is Virtual Reality, SteamVR and the LucidVR project. A lot of my work can be found on the ClearGauntlets GitHub and https://cleargauntlets.gith ub.io.

What I’m working on

I’ve just graduated from college! Working on finding an apartment in NYC so I can start working as a backend programmer at Data dog! It’s a dream come true. I only learned about Datadog in my 2nd year of college, but I’ve been fascinated by the world of D evOps since I was 16, and getting to put that knowledge to use and get paid for it really scratches that “I want to play with big computers” itch.