Will's Guide to Computing for Forgetful Power Users

About this site

Hello, welcome to my tiny corner of tech knowledge.

Here, you will find mostly miscellaneous tech advice, no-nonsense guides, and occasional notes.

This site is also open to suggestions and user-submitted content. If you have some nifty advice about Linux, submit a pull request!

Additionally, I'll probably put some neat-o project sites and/or pages on here. It'll be great!


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Subnetting and Forgetting

Finishing ShelfLife... finally.

A small update

The Future is Open reigstration happening now!

How to properly scale i3 on HiDPI displays

A neat HiDPI scaling hack

Installing GRUB on Arch

Intro to GNU/Linux (But mostly RHEL for RIT CE students) Mk II.

Windows broke my time!

Graphics output!

Ahh! Thunar won't automount stuff!

Pimp my DE seminar notes

How to install Bumblebee on Arch

How to set up networking on an uncooperative CLI